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SubjectRe: If you want kbuild 2.5, tell Linus
> Somehow I can't resist, but this sounds like the
> devfs and RaiserFS story again:
> - devfs claimed "It will solve all major/minor number problems".
> Well we still struggle to get over with them. But now we have to
> account for the intricacies of devfs in addition too.
> - RaiserFS "Trees rule the world".
> Well ext3 (no I don't care about inn server!) is faster
> XFS is better manegeable. The "mutable filesystem semantics" modules
> and what a not are nowehre in sight.
> Both projects which got included due to "public preasure".

With all respect, Martin, if you want to offend Keith Owens, you'd be
better off trying to find _real flaws_ in kbuild25, rather than raking
the old muck about devfs.

Please reread Keith's post and try to understand what "the kbuild25
problem" is about. For if there's one issue it's NOT about, it's the
system's incompetence or redundancy.

Another one, in trying to put down other people's work, you should prolly
at least take care to spell names correctly. And FYI, reiserfs has been
here as a real solution for over two years and has worked perfectly, unlike
certain other code. I'm getting sick of this macho attitude from someone
who throws shit at *others* while unable to get *their own* work done

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