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SubjectRe: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map
Użytkownik Linus Torvalds napisał:
> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>>> /devices/disks/disk0 -> ../../pci0/00:02.0/02:1f.0/03:07.0/disk0
>> ^^^^^^^^^^ You notice the redundancy in naming here :-).
> I'd rather have redundancy than have horrible names like just "0", thank
> you very much.
> It takes up no space, all the dentries are virtual anyway, and a dentry
> embeds the storage for the first n characters (n ~16 or something like
> that).
>>Boah the chierachies are already deep enough. /devices/net/eth@XX
>>will cut it.
> There is _no_ excuse for being terse.

Yes indeed:

ls DIR
cat TYPE

Note: the VMS stuff was even longer. You ever used the "shell" there?

> Also, never EVER use special characters like "@" unless there is _reason_
> to use them. I don't see any reason to make a filesystem look like perl.

The reaons is that it is making the splitup betwen the enumeration
and naming part very easy. Not just for scripts but for C code as well.
Numbers get user quite frequently for versioning as well.
And I tought the above should be mainly used by programs?

> Please use sane names like "disknnn" over insane cryptographically secure
> filesystem contents like "sd@nnn".

I'm so used to sd@ :-). Don't invent where you can borrow - or you will
go the esperanto way.

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