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    SubjectRe: Developing multi-threading applications
    At 18.07 17/06/02 +0200, Marco Colombo wrote:

    >On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Roberto Fichera wrote:
    > > process to a CPU. But I continue to not hunderstand why
    > > I must have only one thread per CPU. There is some URL
    > > where can I see some kernel/sched/vm/I-O/other-think graph about
    > > this point ?
    >To put it simply, because you have only one PC per CPU. It's not
    >really an OS thing.
    >Every time you're saving the PC (and SP, and all the "thread context")
    >you're "emulating" more CPUs on just one. And what you got is just...
    >an emulation. A Thread is an execution abstraction, and a CPU is an
    >execution actor. Sounds sensible to match the two. Use functions instead
    >to group instructions by their (functional) meaning.

    Yes! I know ;-)!

    >It makes much more sense, on 4-ways system, to have 4 rather complex
    >threads that are able to execute different functions, like in
    >a data-driven or event-driven model, than to run 400 simpler threads
    >which implement one function each, IMHO.

    To make it simple, I'll try the 2 solutions!


    Roberto Fichera.

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