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    SubjectRe: /proc/scsi/map
        >Life would be easier if the scsi subsystem would just report which SCSI
    >device (uniquely identified by the controller,bus,target,unit tuple) belongs
    >to which high-level device. The information is available in the kernel.
    >Attached patch does this:
    >garloff@pckurt:/raid5/Kernel/src $ cat /proc/scsi/map
    ># C,B,T,U Type onl sg_nm sg_dev nm dev(hex)
    >0,0,00,00 0x05 1 sg0 c:15:00 sr0 b:0b:00

    Great, this was really missing badly.

    But how about adding another column: GUID.
    Most usb-storage and (all?) FireWire devices have such a unique identitiy.
    In contrast to native SCSI devices, these emulated SCSI devices on
    hot-plugging busses will change their LUNs/IDs. Therefor the GUID is
    really a must to be able to create stable names (laptop suspend, etc.).

    Both usb-storage and iee1394-sbp2 know the GUID. It only needs to be

    The usb-storage GUID is just one random item of information.
    One might wish for much more.

    And: this information is already somewhere:

    % cat /proc/scsi/sg/host_strs
    SCSI host adapter emulation for IDE ATAPI devices
    Iomega VPI2 (imm) interface
    SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
    SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices

    This tells me that host 0 will be in ide-scsi, host 1 in imm,
    host 2 in usb-storage-0, host 3 in usb-storage-1.

    % cat /proc/scsi/ide-scsi/0
    SCSI host adapter emulation for IDE ATAPI devices
    % cat /proc/scsi/imm/1
    Version : 2.05 (for Linux 2.4.0)
    Parport : parport0
    Mode : SPP
    % cat /proc/scsi/usb-storage-0/2
    Host scsi2: usb-storage
    Vendor: DataFab Systems Inc.
    Product: USB CF+SM
    Serial Number: 5DC69477C6
    Protocol: Transparent SCSI
    Transport: Datafab Bulk-Only
    GUID: 07c4a1090000005dc69477c6
    Attached: Yes
    % cat /proc/scsi/usb-storage-1/3
    Host scsi3: usb-storage
    Vendor: SCM Microsystems Inc.
    Product: eUSB SmartMedia / CompactFlash
    Serial Number: None
    Protocol: Transparent SCSI
    Transport: Control/Bulk-EUSB/SDDR09
    GUID: 04e600050000000000000000
    Attached: Yes

    A small utility that looks around in /proc is able to
    find the GUID. Of course it would be better when fewer
    heuristics were required.

    Finally, the GUIDs you see here do not determine the LUN.
    So, there is no well-defined line in /proc/scsi/map
    where they would belong.

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