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    SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 37 stack variables >= 1K in 2.4.17
    Alexander Viro wrote:
    > On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Benjamin LaHaise wrote:
    > > On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 06:26:55PM -0400, Alexander Viro wrote:
    > > > Not realistic - we have a recursion through the ->follow_link(), and
    > > > a lot of stuff can be called from ->follow_link(). We _do_ have a
    > > > limit on depth of recursion here, but it won't be fun to deal with.
    > >
    > > Perfection isn't what I'm looking for, rather just an approximation.
    > > Any tool would have to give up on non-trivial recursion, or have
    > ... in which case it will be useless - anything callable from path_walk()
    > will be out of its scope and that's a fairly large part of VFS, filesystems,
    > VM and upper halves of block devices.

    The automated checker may use hard-coded limits for recursions with
    limited depth. If follow_link stops after n iterations, tell
    the checker about it and it will use that in its computations.

    Helge Hafting
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