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    SubjectRe: Serverworks OSB4 in impossible state
    [Alan, I am cc'ing you on this because I read elsewhere that you want to be forwarded to you, and that address still

    I have tried the following:

    - comment out the code that stalls the machine when the condition in
    question is encountered.
    - run dd over a couple of good blocks on the CD.
    - run dd over the corrupted blocks. This leads now to very similar
    errors as in the PIO case.
    - reenable DMA with hdparm, because it is automatically disabled by the
    ide-cd driver if an error occurs (why that? the error has nothing to
    do with DMA here).
    - repeat the first dd command on the good blocks and compare the

    The results are identical, thus I cannot verify the "4 byte shift" Alan
    has been talking about. Of course this is a CD-ROM only scenario, thus
    I can't tell anything about hard disks.

    Is it possible that the 4-byte shift occurs only with some particular
    (older?) version of the chipset?

    In any case, the condition that usually causes Linux to stall is
    indeed a perfectly valid condition for DMA when the device transfers
    less data than it's supposed to. I doubt that hanging the system
    without more detailed checks is the right measure to take there.


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