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    SubjectRe: Kernel deadlock using nbd over acenic driver
    "Steven Whitehouse wrote:"

    (somethiung about kernel nbd)

    BTW, are you maintaining kernel nbd? If so, I'd like to propose
    some unifications that would make it possible to run either
    enbd or nbd daemons on the same driver, at least in a "compatibility

    The starting point would be

    1) make the over-the-wire data formats the same, which means
    enlarging kernel nbd's nbd_request and nbd_reply structs
    to match enbd's, or some compromise.

    2) less important .. make the driver structs the same. enbd has more
    fields there too, for accounting purposes. That's the nbd_device struct.

    Later on one can add some cross-ioctls.

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