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    SubjectRe: 2.4.19pre8aa1 & vm-34: unresolved kmap_pagetable
    On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 11:30:31AM +1000, Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
    > Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > >
    > > Full patchkit:
    > >
    > This is a new symbol introduced in -aa1. It ends up in drivers through
    > new header definitions rather than by direct use.
    > Should be exported?

    You should #include <linux/highmem.h> in those drivers .c files, then it
    will compile, but that's not the right fix, you'd need to add the
    pte_kunmap too or it would deadlock with highmem. The right fix is to
    convert those drivers to vmalloc_to_page, then they will work flawlessy.
    Alan actually has a patch in his -ac that converted most usb and other
    drivers to vmalloc_to_page, I will merge it plus I will convert those
    below drivers if they're not just covered by Alan's patch. Alan could
    you push it to Marcelo?

    After I finished covering all the compilation failures you reported I
    will upload an aa2 with all your patches included. I usually don't
    compile every driver out there so I didn't noticed those problems, sorry.

    > depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
    > /lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-aa1/kernel/drivers/ieee1394/dv1394.o
    > depmod: kmap_pagetable
    > depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
    > /lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-aa1/kernel/drivers/net/wan/comx.o
    > depmod: proc_get_inode

    actually comx is unrealted to the pte-highmem problem, to fix it we
    should EXPORT_SYMBOL(proc_get_inode), but I'm not sure why it wants to
    implement the dir lookup by itself instead of relying on the procfs
    layer, probably to allow more functionality like mkdir/rmdir.

    > depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
    > /lib/modules/2.4.19-pre8-aa1/kernel/drivers/video/NVdriver
    > depmod: kmap_pagetable
    > --
    > Eyal Lebedinsky ( <>

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