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    SubjectRe: [prepatch] address_space-based writeback
    On 3 May 2002 10:49, Helge Hafting wrote:
    > > > Yes, edit /etc/fstab. My file server has loads of partitions and it
    > > > exports them all and /etc/fstab on all clients just mounts them all.
    > > > Problem being?
    > >
    > > Problem is that I have to modify /etc/fstab on every workstation.
    > So _automate_ that then. If you have so many workstations, make...

    Yes I can do that easily. I meant that it is somewhat silly that clients
    have to be tweaked when normal directory on server become a mount point.
    It should be invisible from client.

    (Before we start: I know about nohide)

    > > It seems to me like the Bad Thing which is too old and traditional to
    > > change. :-(
    > Most ways have their own disadvantages. Can you invent a better concept
    > than the inode that works as well in every existing way, and better for
    > this case? Your new syscall isn't it, as Pavel Machek demonstrated.

    Pavel presented a corner case (tarring up thousands of files, all with
    exactly *same size*). It's like making pathological cases for VM behavior.
    I don't take that seriously, sorry. Another example?

    > Changing unix is doable _if_ you can show a significant benefit.
    > The more utilities you want to break, the more benefit you need to show.
    > I don't think you can send the inode to the land of
    > "8-char limited passwords" by pushing "simpler management of fstabs"
    > though.

    I'm afraid I can't present benefits big enough.

    I was thinking of fs driver (NFS,reiser,NTFS,FAT,...) developers'
    pain, not about my /etc/fstab editing.
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