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    SubjectRe: bluesmoke, machine check exception, reboot
    On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 13:19, Corin Hartland-Swann wrote:
    > I have a Dual PIII-1000 running 2.4.18, and am occasionally getting the
    > following error:
    > > CPU 1: Machine Check Exception: 000000000000000004
    > > Bank 1: f200000000000115
    > > Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt
    > This results in a hard lock (unable to use magic SysRQ key to sync or
    > reboot, etc). I located these errors in arch/i386/kernel/bluesmoke.c in
    > the function intel_machine_check(). From what I have read on lkml it is
    > probably a result of the processor overheating and causing errors.

    It may even be a faulty processor. If you are running the processor to
    spec and your heatsink/fan/voltage all check out you may want to see
    about getting the CPU replaced. Thats a data cache l1 read error it

    > meantime is there anything I can do to get the machine to reboot after the
    > panic? After the last time that this happened, I set
    > /proc/sys/kernel/panic to 10, but it hasn't happened since then so I can't
    > tell whether it will work. The error listed above is the entire error
    > before the machine fails - there is no register dump or anything after
    > that.

    That /proc setting should cause a reboot although after an MCE all
    things are a little undefined

    > Do you think it will manage to reboot with a hopelessly confused
    > processor?

    Should do

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