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SubjectRe: [aurora-sparc-devel] Re: 2.4 SRMMU bug revisited
On 27 May 2002 09:19, Tomas Szepe wrote:
> Whoa. Let me recapitulate:
> - first I provide feedback on patches.
> -> I'm told I'm not helping but merely whining.
> - then I offer to fix the problem myself given somebody explains
> what's going on in the code so that I at least know where to start
> and what to look for.
> -> I am told by DaveM to re-read a sentence by DaveM that seems
> to inform me that even if I'm willing to help, I'm likely not able
> to, anyway.
> Hello!! How exactly is *this* helping then?

Seems like DaveM says you have to dig deeper. Alone.
Hm, maybe he has a reason. He may tell you what's up there.
He may as well fix it and send you a patch (using roughly
same amount of time).

But he wants some of "%99 of people with sparc32 problems" to move
into "%1" category instead.
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