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    SubjectRe: business models [was patent stuff]
    Karim Yaghmour wrote:
    > I agree that this should go on some other list, but 'til then, here are my 2c.
    > No offense Larry, but many of your arguments are the same used by Microsoft
    > to push their vision of publicly available source.


    Just a quick suggestion: keep Linux open (THE operating system) as basis
    for future development, enhancement. I think it's called "public facility"
    like power plants and infrastructure that is needed for a healthy society
    (at least politicians shall work for the publics benefit).

    Applications and other value add are produced and provided by third
    parties and SOLD. You can do that legally TODAY. With the laws and
    licenses (e.g. LGPL) used TODAY.

    Microsoft wants to control almost everything (on computers).
    If they place a new API on their system, the whole industry has to
    follow. Hey, what's up with the laws that should protect me (and others)?
    Uh, they have to provide a hook for another email/web client!
    Who thinks that this is adequate? Who is guilty of what?
    Who cares?

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