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SubjectRe: patent on O_ATOMICLOOKUP [Re: [PATCH] loopable tmpfs (2.4.17)]

I'll be short, no worry.

Linus Torvalds wrote:
> So you split your problem into the RT device driver and the user. And of
> story. Stop this stupid FUD.

The VDC report is no FUD. As the link I gave states, this is a "survey
of 11,000 embedded systems developers." Their #1 reason for not using
Linux: real-time limitations.

> The thing that disgusts me is that this "patent" thing is used as a
> complete red herring, and the real issue is that some people don't like
> the fact that the kernel is under the GPL. Tough cookies.

I have no disagreement with the kernel being GPL.

> Some people (you and Karim) seem to think that the GPL requirement si
> going to hurt Linux in the embedded space. Fair enough. That's what all
> the BSD people claimed was the case about Linux in server space, Linux on
> the desktop, or Linux anywhere.

I didn't say that. I said the current situation, with all that it involves,
is hurting Linux. The GPL requirement is only part of the picture.

> Personally, I'll just bet on open source myself. Even in the embedded
> space. And anybody who bets against me, I just don't care about, because
> it has zero impact on me.

Fair enough. Note that I'm not betting against you, I'm just trying to
point out a problem. Whether you care to deal with this is problem is
an entirely different issue.


Karim Yaghmour
Embedded and Real-Time Linux Expert
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