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SubjectLinux I2O Status
I asked folks to avoid touching the I2O stuff in 2.5 because major surgery
and work was needed in 2.4 before even tackling 2.5

The 2.4.19pre8-ac5 status is:

- The i2o_pci layer has been cleaned up massively and might well
be both 32/64bit clean
- The i2o_block layer has been half rewritten to deal with firmware
bugs now that the I/O layers can hand down blocks of 64K or more
- The i2o_core should be pretty clean.
- The i2o_scsi layer is still not 64bit clean and still uses the old
eh code. Basically it needs the same work as the other scsi drivers
plus some pointer into 32bit message field abuses fixing

On x86 32bit it is all stable again and now works on my DPT and on the
AMI Megaraid as well as the cards it handled before. Block caching strategy
is now configurable.

I still have to do the pci mapping and try and find the rest of the
64bit bogons, however the core code is now in a shape where it ought to be
possible to move it forward into 2.5 if anyone with i2o kit feels the urge.

I'll look at the SCSI 64bit cleanness and PCI mapping over time. They are not
priority items to me right now (at least until AMD Hammer hits the mass


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