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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.17 IDE 70
Sh*t I did forget to adjust the topic line. So here it is again just
for reassurance.

Thu May 23 14:37:50 CEST 2002 ide-clean-70

- Apply host chip driver cleanups by Bartomiej Zonierkiewicz.

- Take the draft device type driver implementation from Adam Richter and make
it actually work with some of the drivers we have at hand. Quite a lot
of it was fixed by me as well to have the desired effects.

We have added a attach method for the sub device type drivers to make it
possible dor sub device type drivers to attach devices to the overall
infrastructure. UNIX has something like this SCSI code is implementing
something like this, just for some unknown reasons Linux block device
operations don't have it...

- ide_drive_t is finally gone. Please use struct ata_device instead.

Hint the ide.h specific byte type should go over time as well, sine there
is no need to invent something already handled by the kernel. Please use
the unambigious u8 type instead where possible.

- Add a bit of documentation about cabling issues. ide.txt needs a lot of
improvement at some time still.

Well the fact that this is collecting many bits from different people
again makes this patch unfortunately rather big. I compress it
therefore, since sending the patches to lkml turned out the be sucsessfull
in attracting more people to the overall effort.

Once again I would like to express my many thanks to all of them who are

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