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SubjectRe: Have the 2.4 kernel memory management problems on large machines been fixed?
>> I wouldn't bother using RedHat's kernel for this at the moment, 
>> Andrea's tree is where the development work for this area has all
>> been happening recently. He's working on integrating O(1) sched
>> right now, which will get rid of the biggest issue I have with -aa
> Still ? Its been in the Red Hat 7.3 tree since we released it. Its also
> in the -ac tree all nicely merged. I guess your definition of happening
> is my definition of "happened" 8)

There are definitely good things in both trees for this problem area at
the moment. If you're interested in fixing this Alan and Andrea, let's start a
mergefest. I'm sure I can volunteer some IBM resources to help port patches,
and test the hell out of it .... if you're willing to consider taking things, I'll draw
up a list of what the issues are, what patches are available, and which
trees they reside in (often none ;-( )

If my spies are correct, 7.3AS kernel is still based off the old 2.4.9 VM, with
no rmap at present ... correct? I presume 7.3 is 2.4.18 or so VM with rmap?


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