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    Subject16-CPU #s for lockfree rtcache (rt_rcu)
    As promised, here is the kernprof data from the simulated
    test suggested by Dave. The test uses 32 processes and dest
    addresses for rtcache lookup are random, changing after every 5 packets.
    The measurements were done in a 16 CPU NUMA-Q.

    2.5.3 : ip_route_output_key [c01bab8c]: 12166
    2.5.3+rt_rcu : ip_route_output_key [c01bb084]: 6027

    I have seen moderately significant profile counts
    for ip_route_input() in preliminary webserver benchmark runs.
    It is not however clear to me that bucket lock cache line
    bouncing is the reason behind it. That one needs more investigation.

    Dipankar Sarma <>
    Linux Technology Center, IBM Software Lab, Bangalore, India.
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