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    SubjectRe: InfiniBand BOF @ LSM - topics of interest
    > The thing about Infiniband is that its scope is so great.
    > If you consider Infiniband was only a glorified PCI with serial
    > connector, the congestion control is not an issue. Credits

    Congestion control is always an issue 8

    > are quite sufficient to provide per link flow control, and
    > everything would work nicely with a couple of switches.
    > Such was the original plan, anyways, but somehow cluster
    > ninjas managed to hijack the spec and we have the rabid
    > overengineering running amok. In fact, they ran so far
    > that Intel jumped ship and created PCI Express, and we
    > have discussions about congestion control. Sad, really...

    My interest is in the question "does infiniband have usable congestion
    control for tcp/clustering/networking". I don't actually care if it doesn't
    and I'd rather have most congestion control in software anyway.


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