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    SubjectRe: Changelogs on
    Date said:
    > I try to avoid it as much as possible - it's actually more work for
    > me, and about 50% of the BK patches I get don't even apply, because
    > the person who sent them to me didn't send the whole series (ie left
    > out some patch he didn't like or something like that).

    Oh Larry, are you listening? :)

    > I much prefer a bk pull, if the tree I pull from is clean (ie it
    > doesn't have random crud in it, and it contains changsets from just
    > one project).

    Noted. Thanks.

    > I personally like good changelog comments, and I find per-file
    > comments to be a mistake.

    They can be, but sometimes it can be useful to put a high-level overview of
    what you've done suitable for people who aren't familiar with the code into
    the changeset comment, and describe exactly _how_ you did it in per-file

    Which in the case of the patch I sent you yesterday would be something like
    'fix zisofs breakage with shared zlib' on the changeset and 'set return
    value to trv not f in NEEDBYTE' in the lib/zlib_inflate/inflate.c log.

    In this case, the latter can obviously be deduced from the diffs because
    it's a one-liner, so perhaps it's a bad example -- but you don't always
    actually want to have to refer to the diffs.


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