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Subjectip autoconfig skips ipv6 dev initialization
I've been doing some ipv6 testing here on some nfs-rooted 2.4.18 systems.
I found that ipv6 initialization isn't performed on an ipv4-autoconfigured
network device, leaving it without a link-local address. It happens
because ip_auto_config() is executed before inet6_init() has a chance
to register to handle NETDEV_UP notifications. This only occurs when
ipv6 support is compiled into the kernel.

A fix is to do the ipv6 initialization before ipv4 initialization.
The included patch resolved it for me. Please apply or suggest an

-Dale Farnsworth

--- linux.orig/net/Makefile Tue May 14 12:33:40 2002
+++ linux/net/Makefile Tue May 14 12:34:35 2002
@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@

subdir-$(CONFIG_NET) += 802 sched netlink
+subdir-$(CONFIG_IPV6) += ipv6
subdir-$(CONFIG_INET) += ipv4
subdir-$(CONFIG_NETFILTER) += ipv4/netfilter
subdir-$(CONFIG_UNIX) += unix
-subdir-$(CONFIG_IPV6) += ipv6

ifneq ($(CONFIG_IPV6),n)
ifneq ($(CONFIG_IPV6),)
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