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SubjectRE: InfiniBand BOF @ LSM - topics of interest

> > On 2002-05-14T00:42:07,
> > Alan Cox <> said:
> >
> > > Kernel mode RPC over infiniband - relevant to mosix type
> stuff, to McVoy
> > > scalable cluster type stuff and also to things like file
> system offload
> >
> > For that, a generic comm interface would be a good thing to
> have first.
> It has to be fast, nonblocking and kernel callable. Cluster
> people count
> individual microseconds so its base layers must be extremely efficient
> even if there are "easy use" layers above. The obvious "easy
> use" layer being
> IP over infiniband.

I like to see user application such as VNC, SAMBA build directly
on top of IB API. I have couple of IB cards that can
send 10k 32KBytes message (320MB of data) every ~1 second over
1x link with only <7% CPU usage (single CPU xeon 700MHz).
I was very impressed.

Go thru the socket layer API would just slow thing down.

With IB bandwidth faster than standard 32/33MHZ PCI, one might
run DOOM over VNC over IB on remote computer faster
than a normal PC running DOOM locally....

One might create a OS that miror the complete process state
info (replicate all the modified page) everytime that
process is schedule out.

Tony Lee
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