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SubjectNFS problem after 2.4.19-pre3, not solved
Hi Trond, hi Andrea, hi All

In production environment, since >6 months,
ethernet 10Mbits/s, on backup_machine
mount -t nfs production_machine /mnt.

find `listing from production_machine` | \
cpio -pdm backup_machine

Volume ~320MB, nearly constant.

Medium times:

2.4.17-rc1aa1: 1m58s, _the_ champion !!!

all later's, e.g.:

2.4.19-pre8aa2; 4m35s
2.4.19-pre8-ac1: 4m00s
2.4.19-pre7-rmap13a: 4m02s
2.4.19-pre7: 4m35s
2.4.19-pre4: 4m20s

the last usable was:

2.4.19-pre3: 2m35s, _not_ a champion

All benchmarks don't reflect
some production needs,
<2 minutes or >4 minutes
is a great difference !!!

Mario, not in lkml,
but active reader (and tester).
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