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SubjectRe: [swsusp fixes] Re: Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac3

> > +
> > +You have two ways to use this code. The first one is if you've compiled in
> > +sysrq support then you may press Sysrq-D to request suspend. The other way
> > +is with a patched SysVinit (my patch is against 2.76 and available at my
> > +home page). You might call 'swsusp' or 'shutdown -z <time>'.
> > +
> > +Either way it saves the state of the machine into active swaps and then
> > +reboots. By the next booting the kernel's resuming function is either triggered
> > +by swapon -a (which is ought to be in the very early stage of booting) or you
> > +may explicitly specify the swap partition/file to resume from with ``resume=''
> > +kernel option. If signature is found it loads and restores saved state. If the
> Does it have to be an "active swap partition"? What about systems
> without active swap, but space enough for a partition?

There you just make it partition and then mkswap/swapon it. Or did I
misunderstand the question?
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