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SubjectRe: [swsusp fixes] Re: Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac3
> [swsusp fixes] Re: Linux 2.4.19pre5-ac3
> +
> +You have two ways to use this code. The first one is if you've compiled in
> +sysrq support then you may press Sysrq-D to request suspend. The other way
> +is with a patched SysVinit (my patch is against 2.76 and available at my
> +home page). You might call 'swsusp' or 'shutdown -z <time>'.
> +
> +Either way it saves the state of the machine into active swaps and then
> +reboots. By the next booting the kernel's resuming function is either triggered
> +by swapon -a (which is ought to be in the very early stage of booting) or you
> +may explicitly specify the swap partition/file to resume from with ``resume=''
> +kernel option. If signature is found it loads and restores saved state. If the

Does it have to be an "active swap partition"? What about systems
without active swap, but space enough for a partition?

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