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SubjectRe: 2.4.x and DAC960 issues
Albert Max Lai said:

> I have had problems using the DAC960 driver under any 2.4.x kernel
> (currently using 2.4.18). I have not experienced these problems under
> 1. Under reasonably low loads the driver will hang. It is very
> reproducible when using the benchmark program "Bonnie." This
> problem is exacerbated when using the ext3 filing system, locking

I am using a Mylex 170LP with no problem, running on a dual 550MHz
MSI 6120S under quite a few 2.4.x kernels, lately 2.4.18 and 2.4.19pre5,
all under reiserfs. The firmware is 6.00-15, carrying 6 9GB disks
(5 RAID5 + 1 spare).

There have been NO lockups under any version of the kernel, not under
multiple bonnie runs.

What is your interrupt breakdown? Could your machine be doing something
naughty with the interrupts?

Linguists Do It Cunningly
Marc A. Volovic
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