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SubjectRe: How to enable printk
On 30 April 2002 10:55, David Woodhouse wrote:
> said:
> > It is not silly as long as kernel continues to log tons of normal
> > stuff as warnings.
> Er, IMO it _is_ silly as long as the kernel continues to log real warnings
> as warnings too.
> > Here it is: There are way too many printks without a log level! --
> Oh, well the answer is obvious - just disable _all_ the warning messages.
> Why not turn off KERN_CRIT too, while we're at it? I'm sure we can find at
> least one superfluous KERN_CRIT message.

Hey, hey... do you expect users to patch all those printk() calls
in their kernel themself? Realistically they can:

* enable console logging for warnings and be flooded
* disable console logging for warnings and stay blind
* send patches to lkml and be ignored
* configure syslogd to print warnings on a dedicated tty

Anyway, that's what I did.
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