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    SubjectRe: Linux needs new leadership.
    On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 02:59:50AM +0200, H?vard Lygre wrote:
    > Not to mention the fact that he would immediately release patches to
    > every MUA so that they automatically insert the text you type on top
    > of the message you reply to, don't put proper quote-marks on the
    > beginning of each line, and don't strip signatures.

    i think you have outlook confused with lotus notes. outlook (and
    outlook express) can _easily_ be configured to do all of those. i WILL
    send a case of beer to the first person to tell me how to do that in a
    standard notes r5 windows client. 2 cases of beer if you can make it
    integrate gvim as the default editor.


    R N G G "Well, there it goes again... And we just sit
    I G G G here without opposable thumbs." -- gary larson
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