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    SubjectRe: BK, deltas, snapshots and fate of -pre...
    Olivier Galibert Awoke this dragon, who will now respond:

    > > I shouldnt. its a pointless waste of bandwidth.
    > >
    > > Now, whats YOUR answer?
    > Developpers need complete sources. No questions about that. If they
    > don't have the complete sources, they'll fuck things up. So the
    > developpers have zero use for partial downloadings.

    Sorry, that doesnt fly. If I dont work on SCSI, only on networking, I
    /dont/ need the SCSI code. Even if I had it, I wouldnt read it.

    I deleted all the arch directories except ARM and X86 on my machine to
    speed up grepping the kernel.

    so, not having all the source can speed thigs up.

    > Some users may like to be able to download only the core code and
    > drivers/filesystems/architectures they use.

    This developer would too.

    > Ignoring the obvious
    > version drift problems that will happen,

    Why would they happen?

    > proposing such a service
    > requires work and a large amount of bandwidth. Do you volunteer?

    Surely it requires LESS bandwidth than if people are sucking the WHOLE
    kernel ?
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