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SubjectRe: 2.5.9 -- OOPS in IDE code (symbolic dump and boot log included)
Uz.ytkownik Jens Axboe napisa?:
> On Wed, Apr 24 2002, wrote:
>>>>Oops on 2.5.9 at boot time.
>>>Could you please introduce two printk("BANG\n") printk("BOOM\n")
>>>aroung the ata_ar_get() in ide-cd? Just to see whatever the
>>>command queue is already up and initialized.
>>This may not be what you wanted:
>> printk("BANG\n");
>> ar = ata_ar_get(drive);
>> printk("BOOM\n");
>>If it is, neither BANG nor BOOM printed before oops.
> Look, the problem is easy. Backout the changes to ide_cdrom_do_request()
> and cdrom_start_read(), then re-add the
> HWGROUP(drive)->rq->special = NULL;
> in cdrom_end_request() before calling ide_end_request()
> Something ala, completely untested (not even compiled). See the thread
> about the ide-cd changes being broken.

Jens - this is *not going to work* becouse the DMA methods are
expecting an full ata_request right now.

Uunfortunately pulling the whole ata_ar_get() stuff one
level up to the ide.c file where ->do_request get's called
doesn't work right now.

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