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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Linux Trace Toolkit 0.9.5

    LTT 0.9.5 has now been released.

    A very large number of enhancements have been added since 0.9.4. This
    is a summary:
    o S/390 port
    o SuperH port
    o MIPS port
    o Cross-platform trace reading capabilities
    o Updated RTAI support
    o User-space events (LibUserTrace)
    o Binary traces accessible through user-space library (LibLTT)
    o Visualizer enhancements
    o Dynamic modification of trace masks
    o Autoconf/autobuild build system integration

    For the full detail of the additions, see the news section of the
    project's website.

    Since LTT is close to 3 years old, it has become a large body of
    software. To facilitate easy understanding of what LTT does and what
    it doesn't, I've added a "features" description on the project's
    front page:

    The list of events traced LTT had been previously documented in
    some of the articles I presented about the tool. In order to
    facilitate access, I've added an online version of the events

    As I said earlier, a 2.5.x patch is available and LTT is ready to
    be integrated into the 2.5 series.

    LTT's website is:



    Karim Yaghmour
    Embedded and Real-Time Linux Expert
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