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SubjectRe: XFS in the main kernel
Martin Knoblauch wrote:

>>Re: XFS in the main kernel
>>From: Luigi Genoni (
>>On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Keith Owens wrote:
>>>On 22 Apr 2002 18:55:20 +0200,
>>> (Wichert Akkerman) wrote:
>>>>In article <>,
>>>>Dan Yocum <> wrote:
>>>>>I know it's been discussed to death, but I am making a formal request to you
>>>>>to include XFS in the main kernel. We (The Sloan Digital Sky Survey) and
>>>>>many, many other groups here at Fermilab would be very happy to have this in
>>>>>the main tree.
>>>>Has XFS been proven to be completely stable
>>>As much as any other filesystem. "There are no bugs in filesystem XYZ.
>>>That just means that you have not looked hard enough." :) There is a
>>>daily QA suite that XFS is run through.
>>In the reality the inclusion on XFS in the 2.5 tree would probably move
>>more peole to use it, and so also to eventually trigger bugs, to report
>>them, sometimes to fix them.
>>This way XFS would improve faster, and of course that would be a
>>good thing.
> definitely. Unless XFS is in the mainline kernel (marked as
>experimantal if necessary) it will not get good exposure.
> The most important (only) reason I do not use it (and recommend our
>customers against using it) is that at the moment it is impossible to
>track both the kernel and XFS at the same time. This is a shame, because
>I think that for some application XFS is superior to the other
>alternatives (can be said about the other alternatives to :-).

You would be surprised about the level of exposure XFS is getting, a lot
than you might realize. It is in everything from settop boxes and fiber
switches to NAS boxes, those folks in general do not want to advertise.
Here are
a few larger scale installations out there:


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