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SubjectRe: BK, deltas, snapshots and fate of -pre...

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Alexander Viro wrote:
> "Linus documentation".

In fact, we might as well have a whole subdirectory on "Managing Linus",
which some people have become very good at.

The BK docs that people are so in a huff over really _are_ less about BK
itself, and almost entirely about how to use it to interface with me. Read
them - they are just a "SubmittingPatches" for BK, along with scripts to
automate it to get the format that I have found to be useful.

Rememebr how many times people have asked for automated tools, and for
getting notification about when I've applied a patch? You've got it. It's
all there.

Side note: remember the discussion that pushed me to _try_ BK in the first

Who was it that said "Be careful what you pray for"? ;)


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