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    SubjectRe: vmalloc comments patch


    > + * To give a safety margin, the linear address starts about 8MB after the end
    > + * of physical memory at VMALLOC_START. This is to try and catch memory
    > + * overruns.

    Thats architecture dependent. On ppc64 for example the kernel text
    starts at 0xC000000000000000 and the vmalloc region starts at
    0xD000000000000000, 2^60 bits apart.

    > + /* The page table is unlocked because we don't need to traverse
    > + * the page tables while a page is been allocated. As
    > + * alloc_page could block for a long time, let go the lock
    > + */
    > spin_unlock(&init_mm.page_table_lock);
    > page = alloc_page(gfp_mask);
    > spin_lock(&init_mm.page_table_lock);

    Since alloc_page can sleep we must drop the spinlock.

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