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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] migration thread fix
    Hi Bill,

    > Sounds fairly thoroughly tested; this is actually more systems than I
    > myself have access to. Just to sort of doublecheck the references, is
    > there a mailing list archive where I can find reports of this problem
    > and/or successes of others using it?

    there is some email exchange with Jesse Barnes from SGI on the LSE and
    linux-ia64 mailing lists.
    Date: 1.-5. March, 2002
    Subject: Re: [Linux-ia64] O(1) scheduler K3+ for IA64
    The success report was a personal email.

    On LSE and linux-kernel there were some emails related to the node affine
    scheduler which contains the same migration mechanism (but a different
    load balancer):
    Date: 13. March and later
    Subject: Node affine NUMA scheduler

    Besides, Matt Dobson from IBM adapted the node affine scheduler to work
    on NUMA-Q and tested it quite a bit, that email exchange was direct, too.

    The testing on our side wasn't publicized, either, but our production
    kernel for AzusA (which contains these patches) is about to be sent out to
    customers and has undergone quite some testing.

    It's a pity that there's so much duplicated effort in the Linux community,
    but that's how it goes, you probably know it better than I do.

    Best regards,

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