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    Subject[PATCH] (1/6) alpha fixes
    1) bogus return value type for ->open() and ->release() on nfsd
    (generic, caught on alpha since there ssize_t != int)

    2) missing defines/fields/includes for alpha (accumulated since 2.5.0)

    3) s/p_pptr/parent/, s/p_opptr/real_parent/ done for alpha

    4) (dumb) default_idle() provided (alpha)

    5) alpha/mm/init.c forgot to set max_pfn

    6) fixed off-by-PAGE_OFFSET in populate_pmd() (alpha, again)

    With that patchset the thing builds, boots and seems to be working
    (on AS200).

    diff -urN C8/fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c C8-nfsctl/fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c
    --- C8/fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c Sun Apr 14 17:53:09 2002
    +++ C8-nfsctl/fs/nfsd/nfsctl.c Thu Apr 18 23:21:29 2002
    @@ -98,13 +98,13 @@
    return size;

    -static ssize_t TA_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
    +static int TA_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
    file->private_data = NULL;
    return 0;

    -static ssize_t TA_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
    +static int TA_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
    void *p = file->private_data;
    file->private_data = NULL;
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