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    SubjectRe: something weird on Linux 2.4.17 on an IBM Thinkpad T20
    Adrian V. Bono wrote:
    > Andreas Dilger wrote:
    >> On Apr 19, 2002 09:17 +0900, Adrian V. Bono wrote:
    >>> While working in X on kernel 2.4.17 on an IBM Thinkpad T20, sometimes
    >>> the mouse pointer would just gravitate all by itself, without my
    >>> moving the mouse or pointing stick, upwards. The first time that
    >>> happened, i was coding in an xterm when suddenly, window focus
    >>> shifted to another window and i noticed the mouse pointer was moving
    >>> upwards by itself. Anyone else notice this?
    >> This is common to all thinkpads (or other laptops which have trackpoint
    >> devices) and also happens under Windows. The cause is related to
    >> automatic compensation for the centering of the trackpoint. Early
    >> trackpoint devices didn't have automatic centering and I remember
    >> replacing more than a few keyboards because the mouse would start
    >> drifting by itself. Later trackpoints have automatic centering, but
    >> if you hold onto the trackpoint for a long time (causing the "center"
    >> to be offset by some amount) and then let go, it will settle back to
    >> the "old center" and the cursor will drift for a few seconds until
    >> the automatic centering kicks in again.
    >> Moral of the story - don't touch the trackpoint when you aren't doing
    >> anything with it.
    > Yes, i've replied two replies similar to yours. But it happens to my
    > desktop, too.

    oops, sorry, that should read, "i've received". :)

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