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SubjectRe: IDE/raid performance
On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> Quoting Mike Dresser (
> > On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> Motherboard: Tyan Tiger MPX S2466N
> Chipset: AMD 760MPX
> CPU: Dual Athlon MP 1800+ 1.53 GHz
> Two Promise Technology UltraDMA133 TX2 controllers
> Two Promise Technology UltraDMA100 TX2 controllers
> Matrox G200 AGP video card.
> 1 GB registered DDR RAM
> > Also, with 12 hd's, dual cpu's, etc, what kind of power supply are you
> > using?
> It is a 350W powersupply. I wanted something bigger, but couldn't get it for
> sane prices. I can't rule out that it is overloaded of course. If it is, I
> haven't seen any other symptoms, the system is rock stable so far.
> Baldur
AMD recommends a minimum of 400watts for a dual athlon system
IIRC. Ignoreing that the startup current on an IBM 5400rpm IDE disk seems
to be about 25-30watts. Each 1800+ MP puts out 66w of heat, meaning it
uses more than 66w (I couldn't find the power useage stats) for a total of
132 watts, so on boot ignoreing everything but the disks and the chips
you've got 12x25w (for the disks) + 2x66w (for the procs) or about
432watts. This will go down alot after all your disks spin up, but I'm
amazed your system boots. Morale of this message: Don't be a dipshit and
put 12 IDE disks on a single power supply.

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