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SubjectRe: linux as a minicomputer ?
On Sun, 14 Apr 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > cheap system, but dual Celeron? The last dual Celeron m/b I saw was the
> > BP6, and I have a bunch of them in various places. Is that the board
> > you're remembering? It uses CPUs no longer available.
> There are much newer dual Celeron boards. Maybe they just don't sell them
> in the USA any more ?

eeeh, after 533, starting with the celeron A intel basically succeeded
in breaking smp on celerons. And they also switched to using
borked p3's for celerons ( 256k cache vs 128k ) if the rumors are true :).

There were some ppl doing realy nasty voltage mods but nothing
conclusive ever came of that. The last thing I heard was that
asus succeeded in making a dual p4, but I dont expect much
from that corner.

So you're stuck with p3 or xeon, going the amd route might be
smarter if you want something affordable.

Sten Spans

"What does one do with ones money,
when there is no more empty rackspace ?"

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