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    SubjectRe: implementing soft-updates
    On Apr 10, 2002  11:28 +0200, Dominik Kubla wrote:
    > try to implement the snapshot capability for ext2/ext3. Everyone of us
    > who has to do live backups of production systems will thank you if you
    > get that development started.

    LVM can already do snapshots at the device level. It integrates with
    ext3/XFS/reiserfs via sync_super_lockfs/unlockfs so that what is in
    the snapshot is a consistent, clean filesystem.

    There might need to be a little touchup with ext2 to support these
    calls, but even in the current state you get a usable filesystem
    snapshot, with the exception that the filesystem has not been marked

    As for a filesystem-level ext2/ext3 snapshot, this has also already
    been done ( The people who took over that
    project have removed all of the released files and CVS, but you can
    still get the CVS from the sourceforge CVS backups. I also have a
    version here, but don't have any time to work on it.

    Cheers, Andreas
    Andreas Dilger

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