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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] Re: 2.5.8-pre3: kernel BUG at usb.c:849! (preempt_count 1)
    > > And what usb device driver(s) were supposed to have stopped
    > > using "device 3"? I've only noticed such device refcounting bugs
    > > being caused by the USB device drivers with bad disconnect()
    > > routines, not usbcore or any of the host controller drivers, but of
    > > course that can change.
    > Ha!
    > $ cat /proc/bus/usb/drivers
    > usbfs
    > hub
    > There are no other drivers! I have a USB webcam and a modem
    > ... has a user space driver that works via usbfs.

    ... OK, this is sounding familiar. "usbfs" has some recently noted
    bugs in its disconnect() routine. That SpeedTouch driver seems to
    be triggering them with regularity, though more often with usb-ohci.

    The ksymoops info you sent is compatible with the bug being in
    the usbfs code: exactly what I'd expect such a BUG() to show.

    I hate to send around untested patches, but I think the one I've
    attached is at least in the right direction. (Attachment, to avoid
    mangling by mailers...) It's an update of what I sent around late
    last month to address someone's SpeedTouch oopsing with
    usb-ohci (!) on 2.4.19-pre2, redone against 2.5.8-pre3, which
    compiles. I hope it doesn't create new oopses.

    If it works for you, let us know ...

    - Dave

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