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SubjectRe: Linux needs new leadership.
>You have until the end of April 1, 23:59 Pacific Time to submit your
>nominations to the list. The most nominated person will become the leader
>of kernel development. I will examine the list of nominations and,
So, 23:59 is getting closer some countries around the world, i dont
think changing
the leader attacks the right problem. What's needed is to change to the
model, course there to many hackers that produces to much code, we need
more administrative
people for organisation purposes, and using a project model like
"PROPS" would
be perfect for future Linux kernel development.

if it's not to late, then i'll nominate Bill Gates as future kernel
development leader.


PS. you dont know what PROPS is? just never take a job where they stands
for PROPS if you
think you are a hacker.

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