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    SubjectRe: apm problems on thinkpad
    > I never use suspend with Linux because I haven't take
    > the time to investigate whether I need a separate suspend
    > partition

    I think we have terminological problems here. I know that the
    various kinds of sedation are termed differently by different
    manufacturers, but usually:

    'standby' refers to a state of mildly reduced power consumption
    which can be ended immediately;

    'suspend' refers to a state of severely reduced power
    consumption in which peripherals are switched off but the
    CPU and RAM are kept powered up;

    'hibernation' refers to a state of zero power consumption
    in which the entire system state is saved to disk and the
    machine is powered off.

    On a ThinkPad, standby seems to consist of the screen
    being switched off. Suspend and hibernation are as
    described above.

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