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SubjectRE: Re: ACL support
Andreas Dilger <> wrote:

>On Mar 07, 2002 15:58 -0500, wrote:
>> What I am offering is an alternative implementation of ACL support at the
>> VFS level, that remains independent of filesystem support for ACLs.
>Then you must not have looked at the code at all. It includes
>a generic VFS interface for EAs and ACLs. There are ext2, ext3, and XFS
>codes which work with this VFS interface.
>Some people have had complaints about the bestbits VFS interface, and
>another one for people to look at is never a bad thing.

That's my point. :-) I didn't say I have the /only/ interface in the VFS,
but that I'm proposing an /alternate/ interface at that level; in which
I do things a bits differently. For one, I dissociate the attributes from
the ACL entirely; but that doesn't prevent the filesystem from implementing
one in terms of the other.


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