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    SubjectOpen Source should stand on its own two legs.
    On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 01:07:51PM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
    > > I'm a poor college student
    > And I have two kids on their way to college. Grow up.

    Anybody who limits their ideology to (solely) how much (or little)
    something costs, has missed the point entirely.

    As such, poor college students shouldn't assume that their new world
    religion regarding software should apply to everyone to the extreme
    that they feel it should apply to. The benefits of Open Source are
    *NOT* about money. The fact that Open Source projects tend to be free
    is one of the effects of the theoretically optimal path that Open
    Source ideology suggests is possible. It is not a *requirement*.

    If Open Source, the Open Source being stouted, is so wonderful, how
    about letting it prove *itself*. If anybody needs to boycott superior
    products in order to allow Open Source products to compete, all that
    it being shown is that the Open Source movement may *not* be the
    answer. After all, if Open Source projects cannot compete with
    non-Open Source projects -- how can it be claimed that Open Source
    is a valid and practical ideology?

    Open Source fanatics: Let your ideology stand up for itself. Don't


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