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    SubjectRe: bitkeeper / IDE cleanup
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >>3. Why do we have something like genric cdrom ioctl handling layer,
    >> which is basically just adding the above hooks?
    > That bit is needed. You want unpriviledged processes to issue a subset of
    > the available commands so users can do things like play music. Those ioctls
    > for CDROM are also rather important for back compatibility.
    > Thats a seperate but important case.
    > There are two things I think you must consider
    > #1 "Make the simple things easy" - abstract common cd interface and
    > friends. Unpriviledged but with strict limits on what can be issued
    > #2 "Make the hard possible" - the direct "I know what I am doing"
    > CAP_SYS_RAWIO interface
    > #3 Ioctls that must be issued with kernel help because they change
    > interface status and must synchronize both the device and the
    > controller (eg 'go to UDMA3')
    > What can hopefully go is ioctls that are complex, setuid required and
    > could be done by #2.

    Amen. I was of course not arguing against the cdrom abstraction layer.

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