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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.6-pre2 IDE cleanup 16
>MD> 2. It convinced me that the current task-file interface in linux
>MD> is inadequate. So Alan please bear with me if your CF format
>MD> microdrive will have to not wakeup properly for some time...
>MD> The current mess will just have to go before something more
>MD> adequate can go in.
>Why not keep the existing taskfile implementation in until you complete the
>elegant implementation?

seriously, ide has always been a joke for anyone serious in storage capacity
or robustness. so what.

if you were serious in using ide drives you would have been using external
patches for quite a while anyway. nothings changed.
Well, nothing, except that now, that there will be a much higher percentage
of users that relies on external patches for ide to be useful
or work at all

time for someone actually has a clue on how modern ide drives works to have
a say for a change...?

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