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SubjectRe: Why not an arch mirror for the kernel?
> > I am working on some tools that will help to implement automatic,
> > incremental, bidirectional gateways between arch, Subversion, and Bk.
> Gateways, yes, bidirectional, no. Arch doesn't begin to maintain
> the metadata which BK maintains, so it can't begin to solve the
> same problems. If you have a bidirectional gateway, you reduce BK
> to the level of arch or subversion, in which case, why use BK at all?
> If CVS/Arch/Subversion/whatever works for you, I'd say just use it and
> leave BK out of it.

Okay Larry, reality check here...

We really *DO* need to have more than one source control system available
for people to use.

So maybe Arch and Subversion don't maintain all the metadata BK maintains.
That just means that the $OTHER_SCM->BK gateway process has some manual
involvement. This is no different conceptually than sending a 'plain old
patch' in email to $MAINTAINER.

It is in everyone's best interest to make a functional *bidirectional*
BK<->Arch gateway. (Including you Larry)

This keeps the all the open source zealots quiet, and reduces the support
load of Bitmover to those people that actually *want* to use Larry's stuff
because it's better, not those that use it now because there is no '90%'

I'd love to see Larry and Tom sit down in a room and come up with an
*easy* way for $MAINTAINER to take patches from both Arch and BK. (I have
only left Subversion out because I haven't seen anyone from the project
take an interest in making changes for kernel developers)

Now, obviously, my time would have been a lot better spent actually
working on this myself, but I have deadlines, and wouldn't have time to
finish it right now. So, I'm trying to spread some sanity around in the
hopes it is contagious. (doubtfull, but I suppose I'll try)

Troy Benjegerdes | master of mispeeling | 'da hozer' |
-----"If this message isn't misspelled, I didn't write it" -- Me -----
"Why do musicians compose symphonies and poets write poems? They do it
because life wouldn't have any meaning for them if they didn't. That's
why I draw cartoons. It's my life." -- Charles Schulz
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