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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] struct page shrinkage
    Bulent Abali wrote:
    > extern struct page_state {
    > unsigned long nr_dirty;
    > unsigned long nr_locked;
    > } ____cacheline_aligned page_states[NR_CPUS];
    > This is perfect. Looks like, if a run summation over all the CPUs I will
    > get the total locked and dirty pages, provided mm.h macros are respected.

    That's correct. And the mm.h macros *are* respected. That patch
    ensures that they are.

    It goes as far as to rename PG_locked and PG_dirty to PG_locked_dontuse
    and PG_dirty_dontuse.

    I'll be adding page_cache_size to the above struct, at least.

    The "run summation" function is already there, btw: get_page_state().

    > What is the outlook for inclusion of this patch in the main kernel? Do you
    > plan to submit or have been included yet?

    Well it's all a part of a work to aggressively improve the efficiency
    of regular file I/O. I don't know if the big grand plan will be successful
    yet. At this time, it's thumbs up - way up.

    Nor do I know if this is a direction in which Linus wishes to take
    his kernel.

    But this change, the readahead changes, the pdflush pool and a few other
    pieces I have planned are probably appropriate for the base kernel
    irrespective of the end outcome.

    We'll see...

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