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    SubjectRe: Recommendations about a 100/10 NIC
    In my humble experience with some hundreds
    of different Linux servers, the 3c905 seems the
    most trouble-free, and performs well.

    The Intel adapter has potential driver issues,
    although they seem to be getting resolved.

    The e100 driver has the disadvantage of being
    unable to work with the mii-tool commands,
    but seems to work well otherwise - as long as
    you don't mind trying to puzzle out whether
    the card is conected at 10 or 100, full or half.

    The eepro100 driver works with mii-tool, but
    many have reported issues with the card dying
    under heavy use and needing to be reset. Many
    are using the eepro100 without problems - but
    the bottom line is that nobody is seeing these
    problems with the 3com cards.

    YMMV of course -


    janvapan wrote:

    >What ethernet cards I should use for Linux 2.4?.
    >I am looking for a NIC based on stability and performance.
    >In short, Intel PRO/100 S Desktop Adapter(e100 driver) or
    >3Com 10/100 3C905C-TX-M(3c59x driver) ?

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