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    SubjectRe: IDE and hot-swap disk caddies

    > > > You can paint a goose yellow and call it a duck, but it is still a goose.
    > > > The electrical/electronic interface will kill you!
    > >
    > > USB mass storage is not SCSI (in some cases), either. [Ouch, and some
    > > usb-storage devices *are* IDE.]
    > >
    > > So it makes sense to view IDE as very odd SCSI controllers.
    > IDE is very different. Its like calling NFS Netware. The upper layer
    > behaviour is fairly similar, and both ATAPI and USB mass storage is SCSI
    > alike (note if its not SCSI like its not USB mass storage its something else
    > eg a vendor specific driver).

    I have seen USB mass storage devices with ide connector on them, so it
    is certainly possible to translate between scsi and ide. If it makes
    sense from performance standpoint.... I don't know.

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